Every time I've gotten a reading or healing from Katherine, I've experienced a positive result. She is perceptive, direct, and tuned-in, and I'm thankful for her help and guidance.

— Moira, multimedia artist

Katherine once performed hands-on healing on me and I felt an immediate alignment on a level I've rarely experienced. Of the healers I've met, Katherine has a special balance between intuition and respect for traditions and learned knowledge. She also understands the role of humor and love during navigations within darkness and has a keen sense of balance between bravery and caution in these spaces.

— Nick, writer & dancer

Through her healing work, Katherine intuitively felt my vulnerability and made space for me to open up to her and her gifts. She offered me passageways to the wisdom unknowingly residing within me when life felt cloudy and hazed. Katherine spiritually connected me to loved ones passed, helped me build that bridge necessary for healing and understanding my trauma. Although healings and readings can feel emotionally heavy for most of us sensitive to the energies, Katherine not only greets you with warmth, but she makes you laugh and builds up your confidence. She is a caring and empathetic spirit, who can lend you knowledge and strength when you need it.

— Lizet, student & server

Katherine's readings have helped gently guide me numerous times in my life when I've felt overwhelmed or confused. As a visual thinker and archetype lover, I resonate deeply with Katherine's ability to weave stories out the images we call forth when sitting together. I always leave our readings reminded of my unique strengths and vision, like I have a little treasure map to show me the way back to myself.

— Natasha, artist & business owner

I see anyone who presents as expert in these areas as… not really understanding these areas! The first paradox today is how to become an expert so others will seek and respect you, even as I think we need to build a different, expanded model of guiding others. Yes, I would give Katherine a recommendation, and it would be as much about her openness to learning with each person she works with as anything else.

— Colleen, counselor & elder

Katherine's guidance has always been true, compassionate and surprising. In many situations she has helped me dissolve the walls of the labyrinth that I thought I was in.

— David, musician & poet

Katherine's psychic ability amazed me. I felt held, heard, received, and guided. Trust with her was built quickly as she brought up things about me that no one knew and could not have known, such as memories. She has a way of offering different angles of truth in gentleness and compassion. Most importantly her compassionate communication is a helpful tool for insight into what is happening within and the call to self-discovery. She can help you work through difficult moments and feel openness about what's to come.

— Brandi, herbalist & business owner

I’ve known Katherine for a number of years and have always found her to be insightful and caring. I’ve seen her step in when a member of our group was in distress and lend her unique abilities in a confident and compassionate manner. Her deep understanding of spirituality and human nature makes her a wonderful healer.

— Kim, dream teacher & writer