channeled readings $88
Dialog with the Higher Self, vibrantly well Ancestors, spirit Guides, or Angels & Masters to find answers to questions about life, love, destiny & fate. 1 hour, virtual or in-person.

hands-on healing $66
The healer becomes a vessel for divine energies & channels this current into your being with light touch, typically on the shoulders. 1/2 hour, in-person.

distance healing $55
The healer becomes a vessel for your energy body & opens up to a healing current from divine loving beings while you meditate, anywhere in the world. 1/2 hour, remote.

dream interpretation $44
Work with a dream to deepen insight, taking into account your personal history, current life circumstances & collective symbolic meaning. 1/2 hour, phone call.

integration sessions $87
Review material from a previous session, ask questions to clarify understanding & build momentum toward positive change. 1 hour, follow-up discussion.

reading + healing series $123

3 dream calls $111


In-person services rendered in Port Townsend, Washington & the surrounding area.