I am a channel and spiritual healer. I was born on an evening in the fall, during one of those big Texas thunderstorms. My path is to support others as they learn, heal, align, and integrate, through connection with Highest Self, fulfillment of life purpose, and service to the world. I do this work in tandem with my own healing journey, which began in earnest in 2011.

From adolescence I pursued many avenues of reading and guiding others — astrology, palmistry, handwriting analysis, tarot, dreamwork — and eventually obtained a master’s degree in psychology and became a licensed psychotherapist. The knowledge and experience I gained continue to benefit my work, but in 2013 I began fine-tuning a simpler yet more direct approach. These techniques, free of accoutrements, are well suited to carry us through this exciting yet challenging paradigm shift in which we all must play a part.

Part of my intention with this work is to provide alternatives to those for whom, for whatever reason, the mainstream healthcare system is inaccessible or unacceptable. I offer a few low- or no-cost sessions each month to people who may be experiencing low or no income and self-identify as being from marginalized communities. Please contact me if you are interested in this option.